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EquiVibe combines the latest technology and state of the art design with Cycloidal Vibration Therapy to optimise peak performance in every horse!


The Cycloidal Vibration Therapy (CVT) action was introduced more than 60 years ago and has been used with great success worldwide. CVT is medically proven to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage through a soothing massage action which relaxes the muscles and increases joint mobility.

Portable physiotherapy equipment and furniture containing the CVT action has provided humans with significant benefits without side effects since 1949. Now your horse can also benefit from this therapy to ensure peak performance and improved movement.


The EquiVibe products give a deep, all over cycloidal massage to the whole horse. The unique therapy action provided by the Back Cushion actively improves circulation, eases and tones muscles, and promotes lymphatic drainage. When combined with the EquiVibe Therapy Wand you can ensure that your horse will receive the optimal level of therapy.

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