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Photo Credit: Stephen Mowbray Photography



Campdraft Champion

We have been using EquiVibe since 2011 and we don’t know how we ever survived without it!

We compete most weekends from the beginning of February to the end of October in the physically challenging sport of Campdraft.


Campdrafting is not only a physical sport but it is also mentally challenging for the horse, so we find it important to have mature horses for competition as they handle the pressure of the sport, all the travelling and confined spaces a lot better than a young horse. The average age on our truck would be about 12yo - some older and others no younger than 6.

We use EquiVibe regularly on these horses, we especially love it for warming up first thing in the morning, after travel or after being locked up during the night. It gets them going and they’re not stiff when they move off.


We also use EquiVibe after competition finals which can run late in the day when the chill comes in and with a few horses in the finals we find it easiest to put it on as a “cool down” tool before rugging them for the night.


We also really love the EquiVibe for the increase in circulation that you get. We haven’t had many injuries since having the EquiVibe (that is an endorsement in itself!) but when we have had them, the EquiVibe takes away the pain and swelling very quick. It has really helped to eliminate the bit of leg swelling we used to get in the horses when standing around in small areas all weekend or on the truck.


The EquiVibe is really great for the horses’ mental wellbeing as well, because if one of them seems slightly off or a bit depressed, 20 min with the Back Cushion and they start going again. A horse that decides not to eat after a long trip, will start to nibble after a 20 min treatment, it’s a great tool to help the horses feel and compete at their best.

EquiVibe is great on the horses, I really feel a difference in their temperament which helps with their trainability.


I can also see a difference in their physical appearance having a more healthy and shiny coat as well as better muscle build up.


Not only is EquiVibe great on the horses but the hand held device is great on people as well. I've often used it on my body for soreness, especially back soreness. If I didn't have that I wouldn't have been able to make it through some shows.


Thanks to EquiVibe our horses feel great as well as myself.



Pro Trainer - Cutting Horses

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Photo Credit: Stephen Mowbray Photography



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I have been using EquiVibe for a while and I have found the Therapy Wand to be a great tool not only with my horses but also for myself.


The Therapy Wand has helped greatly to reduce swelling and fluid in an injured fetlock and it reduced the recovery time in a bowed tendon.

The best thing I have found with the Therapy Wand is, I place it at the back of my neck, at the bottom of the pillow when I lie down and it has helped reduce my stress and tension from my neck all the way down my spine.

The Equine Cushion I use regularly on my showjumpers.

I prefer to use it after they compete, to relax and release their muscles.

Also after a long trip, it allows them to let down a lot quicker.

I can also notice a big improvement in their top line, it is making them stronger

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Photo Credit: Lana Wicks

I have been using EquiVibe for close to 10 years and it is my most favourite and most used tool in the shed. I use it every day and it goes on all my horses, from the young ones, my competition horses to the old ones.

Even my 24 year old - Hickory - who gets a treatment everyday, is back in competition with my daughter riding him.

The EquiVibe is part of my daily routine, as a cool down tool after a day of riding or after travel, I take it with me everywhere.

The new lightweight design of the Equine Cushion is fantastic, it's light and easy to move from horse to horse and I love that the Hand Wand is cordless.

All my clients horses in training here at Crooked Creek Ranch have EquiVibe as part of their daily routine.

I love my EquiVibe, there's nothing as good as it out there and I don't go a day without using it. I highly recommend EquiVibe to everyone, make it part of your routine!

We use our EquiVibe on all our horses and it plays a major part in our day to day program.

It helps with all areas, from body soreness to hamstrings and suspensory ligaments by increasing blood flow to speed up the healing process.


Using EquiVibe regularly helps my horses feel their best.

We recommend EquiVibe to everyone



Pro Trainer -

Cutting Horses

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Photo Credit: Ken Anderson

"As a budding Equine Bodyworker I am always looking for more ways to help improve the health and comfort of my own and my clients horses. I had seen Cycloidal Vibration Therapy used on people with circulatory and vascular issues with great success, I was amazed at the improvements in quality of life and how quickly the therapy worked!


When I heard it was being used on horses I was keen to be able to provide this as an additional service to not only clients, but to my own horses.

I use my EquiVibe almost daily and I have seen noticeable improvements in my horses muscle tone, range of movement and overall relaxation and comfort in their work. My old-timer at 23, sees the Vibe and lines up for his turn! No halter needed!

My horses love the EquiVibe and I am thrilled to be able to use a medically proven and modern therapy that improves overall horse health and well-being" - Mykel O'Connor

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"My Equivibe unit arrived 2 weeks ago and I couldnt be more happier with it. I have started a business Peppers Equine Therapy providing equivibe treatments, the results have been excellent. A huge thankyou to Rebecca who has just been fantastic with her advice and expertise. Cannot recommend them highly enough :) Thanks again" - Donna

"I love my equivibe because of its many benefits it gives my horses from lengthening the stride and conditioning the muscles of my competition horses to the help it gave me with rehabilitating a mare I thought would not be here today. I use it very regularly on all my horses as it takes away any stiffness and soreness they are having including after travel which is why my horses never leave home without it." - Amy

"I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am with my Equivibe kit I purchased two years ago. I have been a body worker for 12 years now and the combination of the pad, and both wands have been a god send for me. The results are nothing short of impressive, whether I am treating endurance horses, campdrafters, thoroughbreds on and off the track, standardbreds, showjumpers and pleasure horses, my Equivibe is an integral part of my treatment plans for both injury and maintenance. I highly recommend EquiVibe." - Brad

"I LOVE My EquiVibe, for the horses, dogs and humans in our Family. I bought mine in 2013 at Equitana." - Briana Kent

"Thanks to CV Therapy, he has gone from being sound enough to just go for a ride to actually coming back in to work and competing again, winning at EFA Medium and HRCAV Advanced after 4 years of retirement!"

"I have been impressed with how CV Therapy has helped improve the muscle tone and general well-being of my latest acquisition, a 4 year old OTTB."

"I started using EquiVibe for proud flesh - gangrenous tissue, severed tendon and couldn't weight bear. 5 months later the proud flesh is gone, wound size and scar tissue has reduced and he walks, trots and canters with NO LIMP!"

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