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Equine Therapy Wand

Equine Therapy Wand

The easy-to-use EquiVibe Therapy Wand is perfect for treating the typical strains, swelling and general wear and tear many horses suffer from on a regular basis. Most commonly used in conjunction with the EquiVibe Equine Cushion, the Therapy Wand helps treat more specific areas, and is also invaluable for assisting Lymphatic Drainage. Now Completely Cordless for easier and safer use

  • CVT - The therapy action provided by the Hand Wand actively improves circulation, eases and tones muscles and promotes lymphatic drainage.
  • Portable - The battery pack enables the unit to be taken to the stables, the ring, the track or any destination for on-the-go therapy. 6 hours of battery operation ensures you can treat over 18 horses without having to recharge or change batteries!
  • Wave Actions - 3 distinct wave actions, as well as standard CVT action. The ability to increase/decrease the strength of the therapy allows for the differences in horses and therapy needs.
  • Controller - Built in memory remembers last setting so you don't spend valuable training time readjusting settings.
  • Timer - "Set and forget" timer that will automatically turn the Back Cushion off at a pre-selected time. Know at a glance how much longer until the session is complete!
  • Adjustability - The high level of adjustability in both girth and chest straps enables the Back Cushion to be used on horses of every shape and size.
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